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Will Tablets Replace Laptops_ If So

��Will Tablets Replace Laptops_ If So,

Tablets are hotter than hotcakes these days, and we're not just speaking about the Kindle Fire. Revenue are booming: The iPad guidelines the boardroom, the residing space, and the coffee store, and it looks like every day a new pundit trots out the previous "we're residing in a post-Pc planet" line, but is it true? Source Link Will tablets at some point change laptops? Heck, can they do it these days?

Why tablets rule


Portability: The largest tablets are skinnier and a lot more light-weight than the smallest laptops.


Comfortability (even although which is not really a word): On top of currently being slim and trim, slates run cooler than notebooks and won't wreck your possibilities for parenthood if you plop one on your lap.


Touchscreen awesomeness: Have you experimented with playing Angry Birds on a laptop's web browser? No? Then consider my word for it: do not.


Enhanced connectivity: A whole lot of tablets sport cellular 3G and 4G radios to hold you posting on Facebook even when you're far away from a Wi-Fi hotspot.


Battery life: The 4-to-five-hour battery existence of most laptops turns road warriors into day trippers. The iPad can last more than ten hrs on a single charge.

Why laptops rule

Tablets have a whole lot going for them, but laptops nevertheless come up aces in some essential regions.


Bang for your buck: A $500 laptop will get you a good deal more computing oomph than a $500 iPad. A leading-of-the-line Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet packs in 1GB of RAM and a

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