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Learn All about the Alaska 50 State Quarter Coin

��Discover All about the Alaska 50 State Quarter Coin

The Alaska State Quarter is the 49th coin in the 50 State Quarters System. The coin depicts a grizzly bear holding a freshly-caught salmon in its potent jaws, as it emerges from a rushing stream. The inscription, "The Fantastic Land" seems to the correct, under the North Star. Alaska was admitted to the Union on Jan. 3, 1959 the year Alaska became a state seems beneath the inscription "Alaska" at the top of the coin. The other side of the Alaska Quarter bears the same portrait of George Washington that has appeared on the other State Quarters.

Alaska State Quarter Design
The main style element of the grizzly bear catching a salmon is intended to symbolize the organic beauty of Alaska and the abundance of its wildlife. The grizzly represents strength, and the salmon stands for the nutrition that makes such strength feasible. These are beautiful concepts, except for the truth that the grizzly bear is an omnivore. Even so, the grizzly is eminently acceptable for the Alaska Quarter style, as more than 98% of the grizzly population in the United States is discovered in Alaska.

The depiction of the North Star on the Alaska Quarter is a small disappointing. The North Star is a grand symbol, the most famous star in the sky to humanity spanning at least three millennia, but most folks will most likely overlook the depiction of the Star on the Alaska Quarter. It appears just like any quantity of other mundane stars that have appeared on U. poker club88 S. coinage, and I doubt a lot of will understand its significance. It would have been nice if they had provided it some rays, or produced it bigger and less generic-looking. At least it is there in some modest form!

Alaska State Trivia
Alaska is a remarkable state for its several extremes. Few folks genuinely appreciate the sheer size of Alaska - it is bigger than the

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